For the last 15 years Jason has been helping organizations succeed. An entrepreneur at heart, Jason thrives on imagining new ways to solve old problems to empower innovation.

Through extensive work in the non-profit world Jason began to understand the power of compassion as a tool to help organizations thrive while impacting their communities.

While living in Milwaukee, WI he served as the founder and president of two large non-profits which brought him into relationship with politicians, senior business leaders, and community advocates. He also served in leadership for community organizing efforts that brought millions of dollars into local communities and helped to address some of the biggest needs in the city.

By incorporating the principles of compassionate thinking Jason learned how to build networks of diverse leaders and navigate difficult organizational challenges. Compassion was the key.

The 21st century has brought a shift to the corporate landscape and revealed the importance of both longevity and responsibility. Community engagement, sustainable brands and compassionate design are no longer confined to the non-profit world and are principles that every business leader and CEO can utilize. Jason’s experience and insight can help your organization build a unique framework for growth and sustainability.

He currently lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and three children. He holds a Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies and is completing a Doctorate of Leadership from Duke Divinity School.

Whether you need a keynote address, a board level consolation, or a multi-day training retreat Jason’s skills, inspiration and expertise will help you understand the power of compassion to propel your organization.

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