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Inspiring Innovation
Through the Power of Compassion

Compassion in Action

Can compassionate design hold the key to your organization’s future? 

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“With years of speaking experience, Jason is a powerful communicator who brings energy, expertise, and inspiration to any situation.”

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Coming in 2019…

Assemble with Care:

The Power of Compassion to Build Organizations that Can Adapt to a Changing Future

The key for to success for any business or organization is the ability to adapt to a constantly changing future. While we may believe that the most profitable businesses or strongest organizations will survive into the next generation this is simply not true. Many of the greatest businesses of the 20thcentury failed to adapt and died.

In this innovate approach to building organizations Jason argues that the key to adaptability is our evolutionary wiring for compassion. Can the secret to success be so simple? Supported by scientific research and emerging business models this book is a must read for any leader who wants their business or organization to establish stronger brands, connect with their audience, build stronger teams, and maximize their potential.

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